donderdag 18 december 2008

No opinion about Nibbana

To be honest, like more modern Theravadins I'm not so interested in the nibbana (or skrt nirvana) idea.
For two reasons
The first that what 'nibbana is, is simply not understandable for a worldling living in samsara like me. The Buddha was reluctant to talk about 'nirvana', because that should not help the monk asking about it at all.
The second reason (the first in other words) is I'm generally not interested in my future, in this life or after it, I have no ambitions, no goals, (or try to have not any of them)
What I try is, being convinced of the deep truth of the three characteristics (impermanence, no-self and being suffering of life), practice the Noble Eighfold Path (moral behavior and study and meditation).
Why? Simply because I think it's the best i can do and that it diminish and perhaps ends my greed, hatred and delusion.
And what when these are ended? I don't know, I will see then (or not)

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